Artists, Musicians and Creative Industries

Artists, Musicians and Creative Industries have a range of business needs from planning to financial management, tax, contracts and compliance.

Counterculture is uniquely able to provide specialist help in all these areas. Our approach is built on our exceptional experience working with creative people. We understand both the business and artistic landscapes in which creative businesses and artists operate.

We typically help clients with a range of services, including:

Legal Advice

- Recording Contracts – advising artists and labels
- Publishing Agreements – advising writers and publishers
- Gallery and Exhibition Contracts – advising artists and galleries
- Development Deals
- Management Contracts
- Live Music and Tours

We can also advise on a full range of other agreements including Composer Agreements, Service Agreements, Performer Contracts, Band Agreements, Producer Contracts and Confidentiality Agreements.

- Brand protection, including trade mark applications, oppositions and               infringement claims
- Copyright and Royalty Management, including copyright infringement             claims, licence negotiation and due diligence in relation to repertoire               management and sales
- Licensing advice, Corporate Law and setting up companies.

Accounting and Tax

- Bookkeeping and management accounts
- Tax advice and returns: Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, Capital Gains        Tax
- Personal as well as business finance management
- Tour accounting:
     Royalty accounting and auditing
     Accounting for worldwide income/minimising withholding tax
     Dealing with HMRC’s Foreign Entertainers’ Unit
     Financial advice

Consultancy Services

- Business planning
- Liaising with managers and agents

For more information on how we can help, contact Laura Marsden (Legal), Andy Wells (Finance) or Tom Wilcox (Consultancy).